Mother's Day History

How Did Mother's Day Begin?

By Marlene McDaniel
Published: Apr 20, 2014 11:22 AM GMT / 
Updated: Apr 20, 2014 11:25 AM GMT

The origin of Mother's Day goes back to the era of ancient Greek and Romans, however, the roots of Mother's Day history can also be placed in the UK where a mothering Sunday was celebrated much before the festival saw the light of day in the US.  However, the celebration of the festival as it is seen today, is a recent phenomenon and not even a hundred years old; thanks to the hard work of the pioneering woman of their times.  Today, Mother's Day is celebrated  through 46 counties, although on different dates, and is a huge-popular affair.  Many people across the globe take the opportunity to honor their Mothers, thank them for giving them life, raising them and being their constant support.

Early History of Mother's Day

The earliest history of Mother's Day dates back to the ancient annual spring festival the Greeks dedicated to maternal goddesses.  The more recent history of Mother's Day dates back to the 1600's in England.  Here a Mothering Sunday was celebrated annually on the forth Sunday of Lent (the 40 day period leading up to Easter) to honor Mothers.  After a prayer service in church to honor the Virgin Mary, children brought gifts and flowers to pay tribute to their own Mothers.  On the occasion servants, apprentices, and other employees staying away from their homes were encouraged by their employers to visit and honor their mothers.  The custom of celebrating Mother's Day died out almost completely by the 19th century; however, the day came to be celebrated again after World War II when American servicemen brought the custom and commercial enterprises and used it as an occasion for sales.   

History of Mother's Day Present Celebration

People take the day to pay tribute to their Mothers and thank them for their love and support.  It is also a tradition to give flowers, cards and other gifts to mothers on Mother's Day. 

Mother's Day Trivia

  Most surviving children:  7, four boys and three girls, the first set of septuplets on

November 19, 1997.

  Shortest time between two children:  one boy and one girl and they were born 208 days apart

  Longest time between two children:  one girl who was born May 19, 1956, and one boy who was born on November 20, 1997.  They were born 41 years and 185 days apart.  The mother was 60 years old when she delivered her son. 

  Highest record of children:  The highest known number of children that were born from one Mother is 69, 67 of them survived. 

24.8 is the average age of women when they give birth; women become pregnant most easiest at the age of 18 or 19.  The odds of women giving birth to twins is 1 in 33,  August is the most popular month to give birth and Tuesday is the most popular day of the week.  The youngest female to give birth is recorded at 5 years and 7 months,  The oldest female to give birth is recorded at 65.



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